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Adorr Life

February 1, 2010

Why do so many of us find it so much harder to express what brings us joy, makes us truly happy, our heart sing, than to share with whoever happens to be present just what is wrong with the weather, the traffic, that woman in the shop, the man in the queue, all teenagers, tinsel, banks, anything finance related and well, really, whatever we feel fed up about. Until the next opportunity for complaint presents itself.

When was the last time you told someone, anyone, what quickens your pulse, makes your juices run and a smile rise from a warm glow deep inside you? When was the last time you closed your eyes (when you were cold stone sober and/or not totally exhausted), took a deep breath, sank back into the comfort of your body as well as your seat and allowed yourself to indulge, for just a moment, in the thought of what it is, who it is, you adore the most? No expectations, no guilt, no pressure.

If someone asked you right now what makes you happy, what is it you adore, are you able to tell them, without hesitation?

Given the opportunity and the prompt, will strangers share who and/or what it is they adore?

Doom and gloom is for sure infectious. A naysayer in the midst of a happy crowd will dampen spirits, but what of the reverse? How do we respond when others share what they most love? Especially where there is no apparent, direct gain, simply the expression of who and/or what they adore? This is not the enforced jollity of Christmas or the ritual of a birthday or even the subliminal influence of an advert telling you to go ahead “because you deserve it”. It is simply an invitation to share what you adore.

Nor is this a Pollyanna project, or an exhortation to keep smiling in the face of disaster, or a denial that horrible, sometimes inexplicable, things happen and, from time to time, we all need to vent. It’s just an exploration into what happens when, given the opportunity, we share what we adore… Indeed, do we actually know and acknowledge what it is we adore? Or have the media moguls downloaded our dreams and run a programme where desire culminates in a Christmas number one, the promise of celebrity, shinier hair and even whiter teeth?

It’s simply an expression of one person’s desire to focus on what is good in life, what makes it worth picking myself up when I get knocked over, what I adore…..

I started off this journey as a pink-cheeked happy-go-lucky innocent who was friends with everyone and invariably smiling and happy. Then I spent many years becoming what I thought (and others thought) I should be, losing in the process much of who I really am. Luckily, I avoided full installation of The Cynicism Program, and now I am back on the trail! This time I am following all my senses, not just the good sense of my mind, with appreciation of the many blessings I already enjoy and an intention to create a life I truly adore.

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