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The Sky Blue Paperback

February 2, 2010
The Journey Book Image

The Sky Blue Paperback


Whilst my awareness of the impact of the right nutrition began at university in an attempt to alleviate headaches following a head injury (it was not until much later that I learned that post traumatic symptoms like headaches may continue for an extended period), my real adventure into discovering more about how the body heals itself did not start until much later.   

 To a large extent it started because I wanted to understand why I had put on weight during my marriage. I was in the process of getting divorced and had moved away from the area. New job, new home and a feeling that I was able to breathe again for the first time in a long time. I had gone from being a UK size 10/12 to being a size 14, without being aware of over eating, although I certainly had not been exercising enough.  

A year on from moving out of the matrimonial home, I was still holding onto the weight around my midriff, even though my diet was, on the whole, nutritious and healthy. I wanted to understand why that was, rather than dieting and denying myself foods I desired.  

It was as if as soon as I decided to embark on this enquiry the first teacher appeared. I still recall the day, even though it was some 10 years ago! It was the end of a working day, I was in the office and browsing my latest discovery, Amazon!! Suddenly a whole new world of knowledge was opening up through this online Aladdin’s cave and, best of all for someone who was as time poor as I was in those days, they would deliver the books to my doorstep!  

The book that caught my eye was a paperback with a sky blue cover and photo of a blond-haired woman who was either glowing in a ridiculously healthy way or had been thoroughly air-brushed. The reviews were generally positive and it sounded interesting, so I bought it, thinking I would at some point get round to reading it.  The woman was Brandon Bays, the book “The Journey: An Extraordinary Guide for Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free“. 

A few days later, I had a day off and headed home to visit my mother. The books I purchased had arrived, and I dropped “The Journey” into my bag, thinking I might look at it if I had any free time. Little did I know that, when I picked it up later that day at home, I would be so engaged that I pretty much read it cover to cover without putting it down, punctuated with a whole series of “wows” and light bulb moments en route!  

This was the first time I read about and really began to appreciate the innate wisdom of the body. I had tried to read Deepak Chopra’s “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind : A Practical Alternative to Growing Old” a while back, but I found it hard going and his repetitive writing style bored me. Now, I found myself travelling through the body, as I devoured this text.  

I learned how the body is so much more than the flesh and bone of my school-day biology lessons and what we feed it. How if an emotion is authentic we drop through it very quickly and it is far from the toxic notion of emotion that many of us become stuck in. How emotion impacts our very being at a cellular level and yet, despite all our unthinking neglect and taking for granted this amazing vessel that carries us, it continues to breath and grow and function the best it can, in every moment, even whilst we sleep. I began to see how we can heal our selves, without toxic medication or invasive procedures if we have courage and committment, and are willing to to the work and to forgive.  

There are some lines in the Journey processes that to this day I carry with me, they had such a profound impact –  

 …the part of you responsible for making your heart beat and your eyes shine and your cells replicate will continue the healing process perfectly without you even thinking about it – the way it does all the time, quite naturally while you are sleeping….”  

It was so simple and obvious and yet it was a completely new perspective on the workings of my body and being!  

And so it was that when I was back online the following day, I tracked down the next course in the UK for “the Journey”, and signed up. I guess you could say nothing has ever been the same again.

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