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The Journey, Brandon Bays

February 3, 2010

What is it? 

“The Journey” derives from Brandon Bay’s experience of healing herself from a cancer tumour. She was a trainer for Antony Robbins yet, despite all the work with which she was involved, she developed a basket ball sized tumour in her stomach. She dissolved the tumour in just over six weeks, without surgical intervention. 

Her regime included supporting herself with the best nutrition and body work (massages) but, at the core, she followed a process where she went deep into herself to face the cause of the dis-ease in her body that manifested the cancer. 

I have written about how I came across this work in “The Sky Blue Paperback“. Here’s Brandon giving her own introduction to the Journey : 

Now, Brandon and her team teach The Journey process across the globe, and have even taken it into challenged communities to work with entire groups of people. 

How does it work? 

Much of the Journey work is based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and the work of Deepak Chopra regarding cellular memory. An essential part is meditation and allowing oneself to go into a deep state of stillness and availability. It involves time-line work and inner visualisations (“Journeys”) to access the memories, emotions and unresolved issues that are affecting the cellular body to create disease and limit us in other ways (relationships, finances etc). 

There are essentially two processes in the Journey work – 

1. the physical journey : in this visualisation you allow yourself to be guided by your inner wisdom to travel to the trouble spots in your body and follow a process designed to make peace with the cause of the disease; and 

2. the emotional journey : this involves a question and answer process designed to uncover, access and resolve emotions and experiences we have unwittingly held on to. 

Each process takes 30 minutes up to probably an hour in my experience, although the length will depend on the issue you are seeking to clear. 

One aspect in which The Journey is hugely different to other NLP work is the spiritual aspect. It does not require affiliation to any particular religion or guru, but it does presuppose the existence of a Greater Intelligence, whatever you might choose to call it. It combines working with the physiology with the consciousnesses. That being the case, the atmosphere at a Journey workshop is quite different from an NLP class, and there is strong emphasis on sharing and satsang. 

How do you do it/use it? 

What I really loved about this work is how simple it is to start using! For the Journey, you do not have to book a set of appointments with a practitioner, buy expensive materials or attend a series of workshops in order to become proficient enough to benefit. I did choose to attend a workshop, but more on that later. 

The starting point is to read the book. It is a very easy read, written in a relaxed style. If you are an expert in this area you might think it over-simplifies, but it is that easy style that makes it accessible. It not only shares Brandon’s story, but explains the processes very clearly and provides the actual scripts used for the Journey work. Strictly speaking, at this point, you are now equipped to use the Journey. It is not one of those books just full of great testimonials and a compelling story, but leaving you wondering what you do to actual “do”  to do it (and often then requiring you to put your hand in your pocket to discover the answer). 

I found both basic Journey processes pretty straightforward to use. I did find though that the processes where I partnered with someone else were far more powerful than the ones I tried to do on my own. Having another person guide you through the script so you can just relax and be present to what comes up rather than being concerned you are following the process is very helpful. 

I introduced several of my friends to the Journey, and we would often set aside 30-60 minutes when we met up to “swap Journeys”, ie take each other through one of the processes once. Worldwide there are now many therapists trained in Journey work so, for anyone who prefers working with someone, that remains another option. It is also useful to have that assistance if you come up against something where you could do with some expert help or just a different perspective on tackling a stubborn issue. 

Is it any good? 

For me, the Journey came just at the right time for the questions I was asking. Over a period of around two years or so I did numerous Journeys with friends, and don’t recall any occasion on which I felt no benefit. Over time, my attention has moved elsewhere as my knowledge and understanding has continued to expand and, although it has been a while since I have done any Journeys, I still rate it. I think especially for anyone who is new to how the mind and emotions impact the body, this is an excellent place to start. It is an easy read, and the processes are simple to follow. 

I do think though that the Journey is only a start and just one aspect of healing, rather than complete in itself (which is the impression you may develop if you work with a therapist who does just Journey work). Knowing what I do now (some 10 years on), I would use the Journey work as part of a wider holistic approach. It could, for example, work very well with EFT or with Colin Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness work. 

I am very much in favour of any process you can learn and do for yourself, so you don’t become dependent on a third party. However, I chose to go on the course (the Journey Intensive) immediately after reading the book, because it had such a strong impact on me. Notwithstanding my comments above about being able to do the processes yourself just using the book, I am glad I experienced the first Journeys I did in an environment where there was lots of support. 

I will always recall my first ever physical Journey. I started it with an open mind, not having any preconceived notion at all of where in my body I would end up. I was sitting almost knee to knee opposite my partner as she began to guide me through the physical Journey process. In this, you are guided into a deep meditation, in which you visualise yourself entering a space craft in which you then travel to the part of your body that needs healing. 

It sounds and feels a bit cartoonish, but actually that lightness of touch somehow seems to help. You trust that your inner wisdom will guide you to just where in your body you need to be. Although I never this, there is also a variation where you may choose where in your body you wish to go if you have a concern, for example about a specific organ or, say,  if you are pregnant and wish to visit your baby. 

My partner guided me through the meditation by reading the script. When she asked me where in my body I found myself, I was so shocked and surprised I doubled over and lurched forward as if I had been winded by a punch in my stomach : I was in my brain, my old head injury! Now bear in mind that this was over 10 years after the original accident, and I had no symptoms other than sometimes feeling some soreness at the back of my head if I lay on a hard surface (which, actually, any of us might feel). Yet here I was, my first Journey process, in my brain, needing to heal what remained of the head injury! 

I did not need more persuading after that to use the processes again and again. In fact, strangely enough, I have been thinking recently of introducing a friend to the Journey as a new point of access for some issues they are struggling to clear using much more sophisticated work. 

Amongst the many useful things I learned in the Journey work, I learned for the first time how our body is constantly renewing itself. My eyes were saucer wide when I realised, absent interference, I had a new liver pretty much every couple of months! A whole new body in a year! More on that later though…. 

As well as the original core work in the Journey, Brandon Bays also runs Abundance workshops. Perhaps I will comment on that in more detail later, but at this stage I will note that, for me, the week-end long abundance course just did not have the same impact as the Journey work. Maybe it was wrong time/wrong learning for me at that time. Maybe my expectations ran too high after doing the original Journey work. 

In my heart there was then and remains a sense that the reason the original Journey work is so effective is because that is where the real story is. Maybe for others the abundance workshops have been a different experience, maybe it would be a different experience for me now. No doubt these workshops have also evolved over the years as the whole notion of abundance has attracted more popular attention. 

 The one other thing that alienates me somewhat is that whilst there is huge value in this work, and it all began and continues because of Brandon Bays, I am not inclined to follow a guru. Brandon does not claim to be a guru, but our access to her at the workshops I attended was carefully restricted. She led from full view at the front, on the stage, but there was definitely no touching or talking with her unless allowed, apparently to keep her energy clear. Now I am not in the habit of hugging teachers I have barely met (although sometimes that too feels just right to do!), but it did not sit right with me; it definitely had a touch of the gurus! 

Having said that, I still believe the Journey work has value. For me it was a very important step in this much greater journey into understanding my health and well being and how I am, why I am and who I am. For that I shall always be grateful to Brandon Bays (and Amazon!) – as well as that part of me that guided me that day to browse online instead of going and sitting in rush hour traffic!

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