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The Journey for Kids

February 4, 2010
Junior Journey Book Cover

The Journey for Kids


 I had intended to write about something completely different today, but was reminded by a rather rumbustious toddler whose antics made me smile this morning how receptive children are to new ideas (and don’t the advertising moguls just know it, but that is a whole new blog!).    

Thinking about the modalities that I have found most helpful in my adult years, I realised that those I rate most highly are simple enough to be used very effectively by children – EFT being top of the list and Brandon Bays Journey work figuring high as well.    

Catch them young enough before we have had time to completely bury their creativeness, natural understanding and essence, and you can equip them so much better for Life.    

Brandon Bays describes us each of us as a diamond that over time becomes hidden when unresolved emotions and hurts cloud who we really are. The Journey work helps us uncover that gem again, removing the many layers we have acquired. Imagine giving a child access to tools to deal appropriately with whatever comes up, as it comes up, as a natural part of growing up! No more saving it all up for a crisis in your teens/twenties/thirties/forties…whenever your time might be!    

I will doubtless share plenty more about EFT for adults as well as children in due course. Given I have been talking about my own experience of the Journey, I just want to note here that the children’s version of the Journey (“The Journey for Kids: Liberating Your Child’s Shining Potential“)(AL) has had lots of excellent results. I have not done any of the processes with a child myself, so to that extent my comments must be limited. However, I know many have done this work with children to great effect. Children just “get it” so much quicker than adults! I have also been in an environment where a children’s workshop was under way and the energy was absolutely electric! If only all our classrooms were that way!    

The children say it best themselves (bear in mind these are children who do the Journey work at school, on a regular basis) :    

The “Junior Journey” is not just some diluted re-hash of the original adult version, although the basic intention is the same, ie, clear emotional blocks and so be free of illness and live a life of boundless possibility.    

In the book, there is lots of excellent content in the form of exercises and even a fairy story, all designed to help children deal with their feelings. As with the adult Journey, there are some familiar NLP tools, for example using balloons, each full of a different quality the child desires, such as courage and understanding, all re-created in a way that makes them accessible to eager young minds! Children are introduced to visualisation and meditation, and the Junior Journey workshops involve lots of fun in the form of painting, dancing, singing and play-acting. Older children get a look in as well, with Teen Workshops for those aged 13 to 16.    

What an amazing resource for parents and anyone who works with children! It is like having a whole new shared vocabulary and set of tools for tackling issues that might otherwise create roadblocks day to day! There are courses for adults to learn how to do this work with children,(“Liberating Kids’ Shining Potential“) but I would say the absolute first step is to do the Journey work yourself, make it part of your routine, and become proficient. This is easy, fun work and children enjoy it; it is not therapy stuck in some dull consulting room once a week  until ad finitum!   

For me one of the most important aspects of the Junior Journey work is showing children what forgiveness is, which is something we so rarely do. We drill it into them to “be good and say sorry”, but did anyone ever explain to you when you were a child the importance of actually forgiving someone, including yourself? I wish I knew all those years ago what I know now about the toxicity to my body of holding onto grudges and old hurts and being reluctant to forgive!    

This is the sort of thing that should be incorporated into every school curriculum, rather than being available primarily to those children who are, almost by definition, probably already living in an environment where such work is valued and understood. Brandon Bays has been working with children in South Africa for many years now, including in schools, with the blessing of the Ministry of Education and with the University of Durban Monitoring results (watch the youtube video above if you haven’t already!). Maybe in the UK we now need a Champion who is for the emotional health of our children what Jamie Oliver has been for school dinners!

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