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Quantum Techniques : How the Truth Really Does Heal

February 5, 2010

If you had said to me at the start of the millennium that ten years later I would be relieving my headaches and blocked sinuses by reading codes written on a piece of paper, I would have thought maybe you have been hanging out too much with Mr Spock and/or been sniffing a marker pen! 

As it is, a few days ago I enjoyed relief for the first time in days from a persistent headache doing just that. None of my usual remedies helped, not even EFT or extra strong painkillers. Yet, reading a series of codes brought me immediate peace from pain that had been depleting me and hugely compromising my ability to function for days. Not only did my headache clear, but I felt a clarity and stillness that I had not felt in quite a while, even with meditation.
The magic of which I speak is Quantum Techniques (“QT”). This is not to be confused with Quantum Touch, another form of energy healing which is much more widely known and used (at least for now!).
QT is one of those discoveries that is making me jump up and down and want to share with everyone, it is so amazing! In fact, I can feel a rant coming on about how any therapist or healer (naturopathic or allopathic) can possibly say they are doing everything they can for their patient/client unless they take account of this work, but I will save that for a bit later…..maybe for the rant about the practitioners who are using some of these techniques but without ever disclosing what they actually are doing that makes their treatments effective!

QT is another aspect of energy medicine. Its founders are Stephen and Beth Daniel, and they and their team are Officially on My List Of Heroes!! QT is building a very strong track record of relieving chronic conditions where other modalities (including EFT) are ineffective.
It is based on the simple premise that your body knows the truth. It knows the truth about what is making you sick and blocking you from being in your optimum state, be that emotional, physical, psychological or spiritual. Your body is part of an energy field that is affected by every truth and falsehood and, as such, it can be tested to differentiate true from false, good from bad. (Don’t believe me? go here, try the very simple test described there, then come back and read the rest!).
Now at this point if you know anything about applied kinesiology, you may begin to recognise some of the principles. Kinesiology is a technique in which the muscles of the body indicate in testing what is true or false for you. If something is true, the muscle is strong; if it is false, the muscle weakens. Thus, lots of techniques have been developed whereby you can learn to test your own body (or someone else’s) for what is true/false, either directly using muscles in the body or using a tool such as a pendulum to dowse (where again it is in fact imperceptible muscle movements that cause the pendulum to move as it does). 
Oh, let me digress a moment and point you in the direction of this very fascinating book : Truth Vs Falsehood: How to Tell the Difference, by David Hawkins. There are some things you will never see/experience the same way again if you read this! The book records the results of extensive testing of many things we take for granted on a “Map of Consciousness”, where the lowest vibration (most false) calibrates at 1 and the highest (nearest the truth) at 1000. It calibrates much that we take for granted, from different religions and politicians, to well known books, movies, brand-name drinks and music. I will write more fully about it later, it is a very thought-provoking read, and a book I often go back to.
Anyway, back to QT.
Not only does this amazing energy field of which we are a part allow you to test your own body or that of someone you are sitting next to, it allows you to do the same for someone you can’t see in the next room, in a city 500 miles away or even on the other side of the planet, whether they are wide awake or in a coma! And you don’t even have to believe it works for it to work, which work with animals and the unconscious shows very clearly!
This energy field can also be tested in the frequency of your voice, face to face or over the telephone, which again you may be aware of through other voice scanning techniques.       
QT draws on all this and uses a process which has been developed to scan the voice and/or body to identify what is blocking the body from its optimum state.
That block might be something physical : something you have eaten, touched or breathed in, or that has penetrated your skin (for example, an insect bite or an injection), or an electro-magnetic field. Or, it may be non-physical, such as a trauma or belief that is affecting your energy field. More on the latter later, including when I get round to sharing from the amazing work of Bruce Lipton (most well known for “The Biology of Belief”).
QT first identifies these blocks and then a suitable a way to clear/correct each block. Amongst the many solutions, you may have to stop eating a certain food (at least for a period to allow the body to heal), or stop using a particular product, or clear a trauma suffered many years earlier.
I think the best description I have heard of how QT works is to describe the body as a computer that is wired up to work in a particular way and that will only respond to the commands you actually give it, rather than what you hope it will do! Thus, if that wiring is disrupted, the first job is to restore the connections that toxins or trauma may have taken off-line. QT re-establishes the connections so that the body may then receive and implement the appropriate instructions to heal.
I am going to write in more detail about the QT codes later, because otherwise this post will become way too long. But, suffice it to say here, the codes are used to “restore the connections”. They comprise reference to different points in the body’s energy system. In some very clever way that I am still learning about, by touching the relevant points on the body or by simply referring to each one in shortcut form by an identifying initial (“code”), the state which allows healing is restored.
There are some general codes, that anyone can use, but when you seek treatment on a one to one, the QT practitioner is able to devise a code specific to you to correct your particular energetic frequencies and allow healing.
The best bit (well, at least one of them, I keep finding new best bits in QT!), is that you can learn to do a lot of the testing yourself. You may know by now that I am a HUGE fan of self empowerment : own your health and help yourself, don’t wait for someone else to do it for you, you might just drop dead waiting and you certainly won’t have Your Best Life!

There is lots of excellent free information on the Quantum Techniques website, including excellent free handbooks which you can download. They are packed with information and guidance! God Bless Stephen and Beth Daniel, they are not amongst the So-Scared-I-will-Lose-My-Practise/Income/Power-if-I-Reveal-the-Tools-I-Use school of practitioners. They openly state their commitment to empower those who want to learn QT. Yes, they do charge for one-to-one consultations (with a money back guarantee!) and they do sell products but, so far for me, that has been one of my best ever investments, and is more than made up for by all the free information I enjoy on the QT website. I also love the fact that they openly acknowledge all those who have and are contributing to the evolution of QT and that this development is ongoing, so we learn as they learn.

I am still in the early days of My QT Adventure and my plan is to keep sharing my new discoveries. I am learning to muscle test myself, so that will be one of the things on which I shall report back! I have a feeling this is going to be one especially interesting and ongoing journey! 
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