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Try this at Home!

February 5, 2010
So you don’t believe muscle testing works? You think this is more hippy self help nonsense, and how can it possibly be true that if you tell a lie your body will literally weaken! You think you can maintain eye contact, not blink at the wrong moment, manipulate your body language and tell a big fat lie without being detected?
Well, try this, and you may then be prepared to consider a whole different set of possibilities!
First, find an assistant/partner. No technical knowledge required, just two arms and a willingness to participate! Everyone has an electrical circuit (energy field), so you now have all the equipment you need for this test!

Have your partner stand opposite you.
Ask her to hold one arm out directly in front of her and, as you place your hand on her outstretched wrist and push down, ask her to resist that push. Assuming you are fairly evenly matched in strength, you will find that she can easily resist you pushing her hand and arm down.
Now do the same again, only this time do so as she says her name (“My name is Mary”). Again, she will be able to resist the downward pressure of your hand.
Next, ask her to say a name that is not hers and do the same again (“My name is Minnie Mouse”).
What happens this time, when you press down on her hand?
Yes! Her arm gives way and it is as if she has lost all strength in that arm!
Try it again…Use a different name (or a different lie!), or get her to do the same with you.
And so it is you will learn, that when you tell the truth (such your own name), your muscles remain strong. As soon as you tell a lie, your muscles weaken because you have disrupted your energy field.
This is a very rudimentary way to muscle test, and there are many far more sophisticated and subtle ways to do so. If you are a parent of teenagers, you may already be pondering the wider implications of such a methodology and, the answer is yes, you can muscle test if they are telling the truth!
A note of caution though. The body still has far more to teach us than we know yet, and one thing you will struggle to do is muscle test something in which you have too strong a vested interest (“does he love me”, “is this the winning number” etc). There are some things that the body, in its wisdom, has yet to disclose!
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