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EMFs in my Office

February 6, 2010
Peace Lily

Peace lily absorbs harmful EMF

 In my office there is a high level of EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies), emitted by electrical equipment (computer, photocopier), as well as junction boxes mounted on the wall for the telephone and security systems.      

In a nutshell, the issue is that the EMFs to which are bodies are now exposed in increasingly high levels in our high tech world risk interfering with our own electrical circuits. We are bombarded in all directions, from mobile phones and computers which we now treat as indispensible, to microwave ovens, telephone masts and even the electrical wiring in our homes, to which we don’t give a second thought.


If you are unaware of the implications of EMFs to good health, one of the best places to educate yourself is Dr Mercola’s website.


Dr Mercola is one of My Heroes – not just because of his views on EMFs but his incredible, information-packed website! He has long been advocating creating an environment at work and home which limits EMF exposure. He goes so far as to say that, one day, EMFs will be in the same category as asbestos and, if you are trying to sell a property with high levels of EMF, your sale price will be hugely impacted. 


In the meantime, whilst scientists are still arguing between themselves about the risks (or not) of EMFs, the body of evidence (no pun intended!) pointing to EMFs being the cause of not just headaches but heart complaints, cancer and a whole range of health problems continues to grow. Me, I am not waiting for someone to contrive and complete experiments that they, in their restricted outlook and opinion finally decide are conclusive. 


I would rather take the risk of being completely wrong and, in the meantime, implement appropriate measures just in case – not least because I trust my body to tell me what is true more than I trust the scientists!  


In the QT work that I am doing with Dr Don Bailey (a Quantum Techniques practitioner in Stephen and Beth Daniels team), one of the things that has come up is my sensitivity to the levels of EMF in my office. It seems they are a major contributory factor to the headaches I get when I work here for any length of time. It is interesting that this confirms a sense I have had pretty much since I started working here that the energy here is not good (yes, how often we know intuitively what we then persuade ourselves away from through our very persuasive left brain!).  


As I am at present unable to physically remove myself from this environment, I have been investigating ways to reduce the EMF or at least protect myself from it.  


Moving the junction boxes is too big and expensive a job. Plus, My Grand Plan is to leave here as soon as I can anyway, so I really do not want to incur that cost/upheaval. Any electrical equipment not being used is switched off (at the socket) in any event, and I already have a geopathic stress device plugged in (about which I will write more later). Whether the latter affects the EMFs I am still investigating, but in the meantime it makes me feel better anyway!  


I also have a large peace lily placed on a filing cabinet right under the junction boxes on the wall. I love this plant and bless it often, wondering how it is that, so long as it is watered, it thrives in this environment! It is one of a group of plants (which also includes palms and spider plants), which are now widely acknowledged as being effective at absorbing EMFs. If you work at a computer, you could do a lot worse than have one of these on your desk, and the bigger the better!  


Dr Bailey has recommended I wear a Q-link pendant and, once I have that, I will come back and show you and tell you more about it. This is another device that the sceptics denigrate, but I am willing to try whatever might make a difference in my exposure to EMFs. All these small actions may just add up and make all the difference!  


I have also investigated what crystals might help, and have been recommended rainbow flourite by Christopher Strong. This is not a crystal with which I am familiar, and turns out to be very interesting, and also quite hard to find in a sizeable piece! I will come back and show you the rainbow flourite when I manage to source a piece! I am learning that it is a good crystal for balancing energies and clearing the aura, and helps concentration and to move through change. So it sounds perfect for me right now, and for more than just its EMF clearing qualities!


I understand that other popular candidates to place next to/near electrical devices like a computer (or to wear) are quartz (both clear and rose quartz), amethyst and black tourmaline.  


In the meantime, I am using the specific QT code Dr Bailey gave me as part of my QT treatment. My head is much, much better but I am finding if I spend any length of time in the office, I do develop a bad headache, so I am trying to limit my time there.  


I am reminded by all this that it is all well and good seeking to heal the body but, if you remain in a toxic environment, it will always be a struggle. I am glad I have made the decision in principle that I am leaving this place, because now I know to stay here long term with this level of EMFs would be entirely incongruent with my commitment to Owning My Health. All I have to do now is clear whatever I need to clear in order to manifest my progression to the next place in my life – and ideally one flooded with lovely healthy negative ions and not EMFs!

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