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One in 10 Million

February 7, 2010

Rembrandt calibrates at an incredible 700!

Truth Vs Falsehood: How to Tell the Difference“, by David R Hawkins is one of those books that I often come back to, not because I agree with it all, but because it is very thought-provoking!

It is quite a weighty tome (almost 500 pages) that has the feel of a science book when you pick it up – perhaps rightly so because it is all about a science of consciousness. I say “a science” because The Scientific Establishment would not necessarily support the findings on its objective measures, although the basic methodology and principles applied are well-recognised in kinesiology.
The book examines how humans differentiate what is true from what is false, and records the findings of calibrating a whole range of matters including people (dead and alive), places and beliefs on a scale developed to differentiate truth from falsehood.
That scale (the “Map of Consciousness”) runs from 1 (the lowest vibration, the existence of life), to 1000 (the highest vibration, the highest level of consciousness ever reached by man), and has been calibrated using principles of kinesiology. In other words, because everything that exists is energy, and it exists independently of human description and outside of time and place, it can be calibrated and compared with everything else on a logarithmic scale.
So it is that man’s greatest avatars calibrate at 1000, but only 4% of world’s the population reach the level of 500. Unconditional love calibrates at 540, and here the percentage of the world’s population which calibrates to that level plummets to 0.4%. Only one in ten million of us calibrate over 600!

Here is as summary of the scale :
700 – 1,000 Enlightenment, Pure Consciousness
600 – Bliss, Peace
540 – Serenity, Joy
500 – Reverence, Love
400 – Understanding, Reason, Wisdom
350 – Forgiveness, Acceptance, Mercy, Harmony
310 – Optimism, Willingness, Intention
250 – Trust
200 – Affirmation, Courage, Empowerment
175 – Scorn, Pride
150 – Hate, Anger
125 – Craving, Desire, Denial
100 – Anxiety, Fear
75 – Regret, Grief, Despondency
50 – Despair, Apathy, Hopelessness 
30 – Blame, Guilt, Evil, Destruction
20 – Shame, Humiliation
The book was first published in 2005 and, when the testing was done, there were only six sages on the whole planet who calibrated at 600 or above, of which only one was between 900-1000. It would be interesting to know the identities of these enlightened ones but, sadly, none of them are named. On the other hand, many well known others, dead and alive, are calibrated. Winston Churchill and Mikhail Gorbachev calibrate at 510 and 500 respectively, and Nelson Mandela at 505. Al Capone at 35, Jack the Ripper at 6.
Michelangelo calibrates at 590, Shakespeare at 500. Mozart calibrates at 540, Andrea Bocelli 550, the Bee Gees 510 and Louis Armstrong at 590. On the other hand, punk rock, heavy metal, gangster rap and gothic are in the range 35-95, and the film “A Clockwork Orange” is 70 whilst “Forrest Gump” and “The Color Purple” are both 475. The Film “Big Blue” (which I have not watched yet) calibrates at an incredible 700! You begin to see even just by these few examples where intellectual pursuit, creativity and aesthetics fall on the scale.
Children’s cartoons (as a generic group) and “American Idol” both calibrate at 180, the same as infomercials, so maybe you want to check what your children are watching on TV. The Discovery, History and Science Channels calibrate at 405. Your best viewing though is “Oprah”, at 510 and your worst, reality shows, which languish at 130.
In sports and recreation, bull fighting scrapes in at 35. You would be far better off ball room dancing (475), playing golf (400) or Soccer (450) (of course best of all would be to meditate!).
Places of interest are equally fascinating. The original Louvre (Paris) is 500, whereas the modernistic addition is 180 (I feel vindicated now, I never really liked that glass pyramid, but couldn’t quite decide why!). Coffee shops are only marginally better to hang out in at 250 than a funeral home at 215 or the London subway at 225! Pornography calibrates at 105, the National Geographic at 405 and, interestingly, Playboy Magazine at 310!
Bear in mind whilst you read all this that the critical level which discerns truth from falsehood on this scale is 200 – and, according to this scale, only 22% of the world’s population calibrates above this level!
The low 200s signify dependable performance, such as a post office or airport. As human participation and creativity increase, so does the calibration. Areas where human intention and expertise are evident tend to calibrate in the 300s (a farm, an ambulance, a circus) and, where creativity, intellectual pursuit and aesthetics feature, we jump into the 400s (many writers and places of interest, such as the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building, feature here). Devotion to beauty and reverence increase the calibration to the 500s with many great artists and musicians in this range (although Rembrandt calibrates at an amazing 700!). All the while, as we approach the tip of the pyramid, the size of the constituent group decreases.
Looking at that ever decreasing size of the group the higher the vibration, the reality begins to dawn of how much stronger a high vibration is than a low vibration : 22% of the world population is counter-balancing the remaining 78%.
So the next time you are in an environment where you feel you are wasting your time shining light amongst your more negative brethren, remember that –
“High energy people counter-balance the negative effect of low-energy people.
One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of optimism and a willingness
to be non-judgemental of others will counterbalance the negativity of 90,000
individuals who calibrate at the lower weakening levels”
~ David Hawkins, Power v Force.
So if you calibrate at 300, you counteract 90,000 people who calibrate under 200. At 400 that number increases to 400,000; at 500 to 750,000. If you calibrate at 600, you counteract 10 million people who calibrate under 200! Current world population is just under 7,000,000,000. Imagine the shift if 700 people were to calibrate at 600 or thereabouts, rather than the present half dozen at that level!
This is why many of the living teachers (such as Wayne Dyer, who is a strong supporter of David Hawkins and has helped bring his work to the fore) advocate how important it is that we each as individuals increase our own vibration.
The book has a strong spiritual aspect and calibrates religious beliefs and theories as well as leaders. It examines why we have evolved to believe as we do, the role of the ego and why and how man has always struggled to differentiate what is true from what is a belief. Accurate muscle testing is especially challenging when it comes to testing beliefs, and David Hawkins points out himself that to test accurately on any matter on which we have an opinion is very hard. The higher an individual is on the scale themselves, the more accurate their testing will be (again, bear in mind the majority calibrate at around 200).
That same issue of neutrality when testing of course applies to David Hawkins himself. The findings in this book have a strong American bias, perhaps understandably as it is written by an American who lauds the qualities of being an American. As well as absolute neutrality, accurate muscle testing relies on the questions which are being asked being worded appropriately. I am not anti-American, but I am left wondering how the same matters would calibrate if the testing was done entirely by non-Americans (assuming they are entirely neutral). In particular, how would the calibrations regarding the Islamic world and the Middle East feature? As I understand it great efforts were made to double blind test and secure neutrality for the testing, but in certain chapters what is written reads as an expression of strong personal opinions rather than objective analysis. Maybe I will come back and do another post on that!
I also noticed that in this book, David Hawkins does not calibrate each chapter (as he did in Power v Force), which for me would have been an interesting addition, especially in the chapters where he expresses opinions about other (non Christian) faiths and countries other than America. It is also of course important to remember that by nature, change never ceases, so each calibration is, strictly speaking, only true for the moment at which it was taken. The statistics on world consciousness may well be out-dated already!
This is a very interesting read, whether you agree with David Hawkins’ actual findings and their analysis or not. If nothing else, it shows that whatever we might believe and hope, if we are able to access that place of neutrality, we can accurately verify what is true as opposed to what we believe. If I were an art gallery owner, I would be especially excited, not only because the best artists rank so highly on the scale, but also because now I have a reliable tool to identify fakes!
There are also has huge implications for anyone involved with the well being and health of others. They must surely be bound to ask themselves : if it is true that my level of consciousness affects those with whom I interact, what am I doing to increase and maintain my own vibration, knowing as I now do that most illness disappears at 600 on the scale of consciousness? If I am really doing the work I do to heal others, am I doing all I can to best placed myself for that purpose? I have long hesitated, in relation to my own health and well being, to work with practitioners who appear to me incongruent with what they advise me. Now I know that hesitation was based on good reason!  
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