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Check Your Battery!

February 10, 2010

Check your battery!


The human body has an electrical charge which, when all is well, runs in a particular direction. Broadly speaking, the top and front of the body have a positive charge (top of the head, top of the feet and hands, front of the body), whereas the bottom and back of the body have a negative charge (soles of the feet, palms of the hand, the back). Then, within each organ and each cell there is a similar positive/negative charge.  

If the flow of that charge is disrupted, the polarity may be affected so that you are “reversed”. Polarity reversal (“PR”) may be caused not only by a physical toxin, such as an inhalant or ingestant, but by an emotional disturbance – thoughts are energy, and so may cause a PR.  

It’s like having your batteries in the wrong way round. Treatments and medication will be ineffective, even though you may be doing everything just as you should. Or, you may find a treatment holds for a short while and then loses its effect for no apparent reason. It may even be the reason why you just do not have the willpower to stick to your healthy diet!  

I first encountered the notion of polarity reversal (“PR”) in EFT as “psychological reversal” (a broader but similar concept), and have come to  appreciate more the need to address PR whilst  learning Quantum Techniques, because it is such an integral part of the QT process. Accurate muscle testing is compromised if the person testing or being tested is reversed, so one of the first steps in a QT treatment is checking for PR. 

human body polarity

The polarity of the human body


Once you know you are reversed, the solution is usually relatively simple. Ironically, it may be that one of the very things you are trying to avoid (sugar) is reversing you and causing your cravings, so being able to check whether you are reversed is very handy! 

So it is that a QT treatment will begin by first checking for PR by muscle testing the statement “I want to be healthy”. If this tests weak, then a reversal needs to be corrected. As a treatment progresses, the same test is repeated for different thought fields, as it may be one particular thought field that is reversed rather than one huge, all-encompassing reversal. 

To test for PR, hold the spot a couple of inches above your abdomen with one hand (with the fingers of that hand closed) whilst muscle testing the statement “I want to be healthy”. If that hand is kept there, it will also prevent reversal whilst testing during the QT treatment. 

If there is PR, it is usually cleared by tapping on the edge of the hand on the karate chop point about five times, or under the nose five times. It is interesting that the karate chop tapping process is built into the most common format for doing EFT, as a matter of course to set up the EFT statement, without checking for PR. (There is also the alternative if EFT of rubbing the “sore spots” on the chest). Out of habit, when I first started learning about QT, I would tap under my nose as I read the codes. For me, that seemed to make the QT treatments more effective. I never did it with PR in mind, just as a tapping point that for me has often been very responsive in EFT. Now I realise how important a tapping point that actually is! 

If the PR still does not clear, it may be that you are inhaling the cause of the reversal, and the solution is a change of clothes and/or shower. You should also check that you are not dehydrated, as your body’s electrical system is conducted by water ( pinch of sea salt in water would be a good idea if you are, it will help restore the level of electrolytes). 

If you learn nothing else from QT other than about PR, it might make all the difference to your healing, whatever modality you use. This one, generally easy to correct matter, may be the only issue between you and whatever treatment you are having being effective. 

Doctors already use magnets to correct polarity reversal in broken bones to allow them to heal. In fact, absent that correction, the bone may not heal because of the polarity disruption. EFT incorporates tapping on the karate chop point as a routine part of its process without identifying what (if any) specific PR exists. So, EFT may appear not to work, or its effects may seem not to hold, but that may just be because the PR has not been cleared fully. General PR may clear with tapping the karate chop point, but PR caused by toxins may need further action (I am going to come back to this when I write about EFT because there are some important issues here for EFT amateurs and practitioners). QT checks for reversal more specifically, and continues to do so during a treatment, recognising that PR may exist in different fields. 

Perhaps one day checking for polarity reversal will become as integral a part of  any medical treatment as taking the patients temperature or blood pressure, whatever the proposed course of treatment. Pending that time, you can easily learn to check for yourself whether you are reversed and then decide what treatment is appropriate for you. A good prompt to make that check would be if you are stumbling, feel agitated or just not your usual self. Part of the cause may well be your batteries! 

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