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Input Your Codes and You're Ready!

February 10, 2010

Whenever I have a breakthrough with QT I am even more puzzled why more people (and especially therapists) are not using it, particularly given QT is relatively straightforward to learn! (Or perhaps therein lies my answer, if we each learn how to heal ourselves, maybe some therapists are left wondering what they will then be doing!). Don’t get me wrong, to become proficient at muscle testing and voice scanning requires practise and dedication, and learning to use QT for complicated and stubborn issues is an art. However, there is an awful lot that, as I have discovered, I have been able to learn and do for myself, even just from the all the free information on the Quantum Techniques website.

QT requires no needles, invasive procedure, medication or therapy couch! You can learn to muscle test without any fancy equipment (well, actually, without any equipment other than your body and maybe a willing assistant when you first start learning, but even that is not a prerequisite!). You don’t need a therapist to get started and the all the information you need is FREE on the QT website! And when you become proficient it doesn’t take long to do! (So what are you waiting for?!!). 

Input the QT codes 

QT treatments centre around “codes” which are used to clear toxins, balance energy etc. Each “code” is an abbreviated reference to a specific point on your face, hands or body. It is basically a shortcut way of referring to a whole series of points quickly and easily without having to describe each one fully every time. To use the codes, you need to input each code into your body. 

Each code comprises letters of the alphabet, for example, “un” is under the nose, above the centre lip. As you touch the point on your face or body, you say the abbreviation and what it stands for. This “enters” the code, so when you then read any of the healing codes, your body knows to which point you are referring without you actually needing to touch it or refer to it in full. You don’t have to memorise anything, you just input the codes when you first start doing QT, it’s that simple! 

All the information you need to do this (including a sketch showing the points on the face/body) is available to download free on the Quantum Techniques website.

Learn the 9 Gamut Procedure 

Next, it is worth learning how to do what is known as “The Nine Gamut Sequence” (“9G”). You may know this already from EFT and/or other work that incorporates NLP techniques. If you don’t, you can find the script on page 4 of the download. 

9G is included in many of the healing codes. It engages different parts of the brain through the various actions that it involves. For example, humming requires a different (creative) part of the brain to counting (which requires the logical left side). It takes only a few seconds to do and accesses both the left and right sides of the brain, supporting both the integration of the work being done as well as accessing what is surfacing for healing. 

Maybe that all sounds a bit kookie (and feels even more kookie to do!) but, if I have learned one thing thus far, it is that my body is a lot smarter than I give it credit for!  

The Standard Chakra Patterns 

chakras picture

Chakra locations

Something else that comes up in a lot of the codes is the “standard chakra patterns”. There are two of these and, again, you input these in the body, this time by thinking of each chakra location as you tap under the nose about 5 times. The standard chakra patterns are set out on page 5 of the download. 

That is pretty much it! You now have the basics and are ready to experience the QT healing codes! 

Don’t forget the free handbooks on the QT website, which are available for immediate download. There is heaps of good information in them, and I seem to learn something new every time I pick them up!

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