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A Pain in the Neck

February 11, 2010
neck colour xray

Neck pain be gone!

My first and most dramatic experience of QT was when it cured my stiff neck. For a long time I was waking in the morning with a very, very stiff neck. I tried all sorts. I slept with a pillow, I slept without a pillow. I piled extra layers on the bed to keep warm, I even tried wrapping up warmly in a scarf. I checked the window for draughts, and I paid attention to my posture during the day, just in case it was muscle tension as a result of being hunched over my desk. I even did stretching exercises. All to no avail. 

 Some days the pain would be so bad I could barely move my head to one side, and turning my head to look over my shoulder when driving was very painful.
The first time I used QT for the pain, its effect was so immediate, at first I dismissed it as an impossibility and obviously my neck had just got better of its own accord!
But then, after a while, the pain returned and I was back to trying all my usual remedies. Pillow, no pillow. Blankets, scarf, none of them worked. Until I remembered again the QT code I had used when the pain first disappeared.


Again, it worked. I used the code before I slept, and woke the next day free of pain! After that, I did not need any more persuading!
The code is a relatively short one, and the magic words which prompted me to try it are written below it in the QT handbook, as follows –
“An inhalant toxin such as laundry soap or fabric softener
most frequently cause upper neck and back tension.”
This was the cause of the neck pain!!  It had never occurred to me that the culprit might be a product used in the house! We had stopped using fabric softener a long while back in an attempt to minimise the chemical cocktail to which we are exposed daily. When I came across this comment, I did not even muscle test the soap powder we were using, as this was in the early days when I had not yet learned to muscle test. I just instinctively read the code for the number of times I thought I needed to. The next morning……no stiff neck! For the first time in weeks, I woke free of pain in my neck and shoulders!
Since then I have learned to check my polarity before reading the code and also to muscle text how many times I need to read it. I also know to muscle test if we change laundry soap, in case the new product is toxic for me. Sometimes I seem to “lose” the code again and wake up with a stiff neck. Then, if I feel patient, I turn detective to try and work out what caused me to lose it. Maybe a new laundry soap or other household or personal product I am using has reversed me. Often, I won’t even try and work out the cause, I just read the code again and, invariably, the pain is gone next morning.
Writing this, I realise I have not tried reading the code first thing in the morning when I already have a stiff neck. It is my habit to read my codes at the end of the day, last thing before I sleep. That is a habit from EFT, because for me EFT seems to be most effective if followed by sleep. That is just what works for me; I wake next morning with a result. Maybe next time though I will see if the code has the same effect if I read it in the morning when I already have a pain in the neck.
This code and other sample treatments are available for free on the Quantum Techniques website. I have such deep gratitude for all the healing work I have come across on my journey, but especially this one code. It has made such a tangible difference, so quickly and easily, even in the hit and miss method I used at the outset when I did not know how to muscle test.
There are lots of great testimonials on the QT website of people with serious chronic conditions who have been helped by QT where other treatments failed. That is truly wonderful, yet sometimes it is not a serious illness with which we struggle, but the smaller persistent issues that grind us down on a daily basis. For me, removing one of those, my stiff neck, has been such a relief – and how easily it was done, thanks to QT!
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