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Midnight Tapping

February 14, 2010


The proverbial fly on the wall would have been thoroughly entertained and/or bemused had it witnessed my first encounter with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) several years ago , notwithstanding I was in considerable pain and distress at the time. I had a terrible headache all day,which had not responded to either tlc or painkillers.  It was late and I couldn’t sleep, despite feeling exhausted. After tossing and turning and finding no comfort wherever I placed my body relative to mattress, duvet and pillows, I got up, switched the light on and sat on the edge of my bed, on the verge of tears with frustration.  

As I sat there, my eye fell on a book by Lesley Garner, on the bookshelf just a couple of feet away, “Everything I’ve Ever Done That Worked” (AL). I had read this a while back and, whilst it had been quite an entertaining read, it had not left a huge mark on me. Now it sat on one of the lower shelves of my bookshelf as one of those books I might occasionally dip into, and that I might consider buying as a gift. However, something (desperation?) made me pick it up and I happened to open it part way through the chapter about EFT, an acupressure technique that involved tapping on the face and body.  

And so it was, in the early hours of the morning, I sat on the edge of my bed like some crazed woman in my stripey pink pyjamas, tapping on my face and body and not really knowing what I was doing but clinging to the hope that I was doing something that would either make my head better or send me to sleep.  


I don’t recall the phrases I used as I tapped. I am not even sure any more just where I tapped, but I do remember feeling very silly as the tiredness became flooded with tears. More importantly, I did sleep. Whether that was through boredom and sheer exhaustion, or that this tapping really did have an effect, I do not know (although later, when I learned to do EFT properly, I discovered that often the resultant energy shifts would cause emotions to surface as well as have me yawn a lot and want to sleep).
I did not think much more about my late night tapping until a few days later when I was in Waterstones. In a moment of serendipity I picked up “Emotional Healing in Minutes: Simple Acupressure Techniques for Your Emotions” (AL) by Paul Lynch. I wasn’t looking for anything about tapping. It was just one of those moments that was meant to progress me further on this particular path, regardless of which direction I actually thought I was going.
In the week that followed I read this book and tried some of the processes described. I did not make much progress. In fact, I found it all a bit tedious and soon lost interest. I did read it all, but the processes which it described just did not engage me. I despatched the book to the lower part of the bookshelf, and had no interest in learning more about tapping. I relegated EFT to the category of “interesting and maybe works for some, but not for me”.  The Universe though, in its wisdom, had other plans!
As is my way, when I was next in town, as a reward for standing in the queue at the bank for a ridiculously inappropriate length of time, I escaped into the hushed refuge of Waterstones again. Once again, it would seem I was meant to learn more about EFT. This time, the book that caught my eye was a bright orange paperback. My magpie instinct for all that is colourful or sparkly prompted me to reach for it, not knowing it was a book about EFT – “The Healing Power of EFT and Energy Psychology: Revolutionary Methods for Dramatic Personal Change” (AL), by David Feinstein, Donna Eden and Gary Craig.
This is when my interest in EFT completely changed gear. That evening, I sat in bed reading until my eyes would no longer stay open. I read most of the book in one go, completely mesmerised by what I was reading. It was packed with the science and background of this strange tapping remedy, as well as cases studies and examples that made me hungry to learn more. It lead me to go online to google EFT, and so discover and learn a modality that influenced my understanding and acceptance of energy medicine more than any one other single thing.
It also introduced me to one of My Heroes, Gary Craig, the man who has surely done more than any other person for EFT and all that it means for hundreds of thousands of us today. Bless him, he recently announced his retirement and, as one of the silent readers of his weekly newsletter, I shall miss that particular contribution to my inbox every week. There was a time that those newsletters steered me through challenging days and always gave me new ways with which to tackle issues in my life. 
There is lots of information online these days about EFT, however there is something very fitting to have Gary Craig himself explain just what EFT is if you have not come across it before –

I am sure that as my blogging journey continues, I will keep returning to EFT. It is one of those things that EVERYONE should learn and, maybe, in time it will be, as more of us become willing to open our minds to what is possible. I love it because it is easy to learn and use. You can learn and develop your skills for free, without expensive courses, and it requires no specialist equipment, just your own willingness to have a go and persist! It is an invaluable tool to acquire and use for yourself without reliance on a therapist, although there are many excellent therapists to work with as well. It works as much for weight loss and addictions like smoking, as it does for disease and emotional upset, in adults, children and animals (and plants, and maybe my washing machine and laptop, but I’ll share more of that another day!) !
EFT has certainly supported me in breakthroughs I wonder if I would have made otherwise, and has become like the trusted friend I turn to when I am unsure what else to do. The fact that even in the relatively short period I have known about EFT (around four years) I have witnessed an explosion in the number of therapists doing this work and the resources that are available speaks volumes about its success.
Maybe one of these days I will write to Oprah (as I believe many have already) and ask her why she has not done a programme about EFT yet. If only she would, EFT would open up for a whole new audience! Apparently Dr Oz has mentioned energy medicine, we just need a tapping broadcast next….
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