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One Ugly Rock!

February 18, 2010
After quite a lot of detective work, I now have a beautiful large piece of rainbow flourite for my office. If you read one of my earlier posts, you will know this was recommended to me as an excellent crystal to combat EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). The challenge was, to find a large piece. There is plenty of flourite available, both in smaller pieces and used in jewellery and beads, but rainbow flourite, as I discovered, is not only more difficult to source all round, but especially so in large, unpolished form (in fact, I have found and am now wearing a rainbow flourite bracelet as well). 
It is quit a large chunk (some 8″ at its widest). Here it is!
Rainbow flourite
Rainbow flourite


No, you are not seeing double. This was actually one large rock (and as one of the guys who sourced it for me said, “it’s one ugly rock!”), which had to be broken (smashed!) open with a sledgehammer.

Once broken open, this ugly rock (which looked like sandstone from the outside), revealed a beautiful stratified appearance. It has bands of white, silver grey and amethyst purple, and in fact looks like a cross between quartz and amethyst. I am told the unpolished form is far superior as polishing can compromise the energy of the crystal, so this is as raw as it gets!
As well as being effective in relation to EMFs, I have learned rainbow flourite is also good for clutter. Sadly, it will not spring into action Mary Poppins style and have everything magically filed away before you can exclaim “you ugly rock!”, but it does encourage the appropriate mindset for orderliness. I did find myself tidying a heap of paper into the waste paper bin the first day I had it on my desk; whether that was coincidental, I have yet to discover!
It is also supposed encourage innovation and invention, and to help in planning and co-ordinating changes. If a piece is place at the bed-side, it helps you find new ideas and solutions whilst you sleep.
For now I have placed the rainbow flourite close to the junction boxes which emit most of the EMFs in the office. I have felt the atmosphere in the office feels somewhat clearer. Am I imaging that? I don’t know. Time will tell….It is certainly very beautiful to look at!
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