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It is easier and more fashionable to be cynical than to embrace all the blessings in life and to accept that sometimes (often), things happen that we just don’t understand and/or can’t explain. Whilst blogs that set out to be provocative are often the most widely read, I’d rather create a place that contributes to a more positive energy, that celebrates what I adore and that attracts those committed to similar values of gratitude and appreciation. 
I’m not an expert in anything, but I am sincere, open-minded, insatiably curious and willing to learn. I am also very happy to share what I have learned (stumbled across?!) thus far. In fact, sharing the best bits makes them so much better, especially when someone else might benefit, and sharing the less good bits makes them more bearable and opens up the possibility of new learning!
I am not a therapist or practitioner, nor am I tied to any particular training or teacher, so I am free to express my opinions without any such bias or vested interest. Some of the books etc I mention may have an affiliate link (“AL”) attached, but that just helps pay my bills and does not influence my comments. The link only exists because I genuinely believe it is something worth looking at.
I especially want to share what works (or least has for me) because, frankly, some of what works is shrouded in needless mystery by those who know and that makes me furious! Sometimes they hide the simplest techniques that can make the biggest difference. My view is that if it works and is easy to learn/use/access, availability should be simplified for all of us, and especially those who may have most need but not the deepest pocket. 
I am always learning something new, so that may over time influence me to revise earlier opinions. Indeed, I would be disappointed if I never changed my mind! In some cases, I still don’t have a clear view and the process continues, in which case a dialogue with both like minded souls and dissenters is always helpful.
I am at a time in my life where I am choosing what next, where next. I look back one decade, I look forward the next. So this is a beginning, with no idea of the end.
Journeys are always interesting. You just have to keep your eyes open and relax if there is a delay. It simply means you will arrive at the time you are meant to, rather than when you thought you were supposed to. And, maybe, you will glimpse a vista you would otherwise have missed and arrive in a place just beyond the boundary of any map you have ever read.
Welcome aboard! I look forward to sharing the views, the tiffin and adventures in places yet to appear!
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