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Books I have read, DVDs/videos I have watched and CDs I have listened to that are worth sharing! 

In no particular order at this stage, but maybe I will hire someone to do some filing in due course! 🙂 

I may also migrate to a more user-friendly format for adding new books in due course…. 

Everything I’ve Ever Done That Worked(al), Lesley Garner 
Everything I've Ever Done That WorkedJournalist Lesley Garner writes in a very easy to read style, and reading this book is a bit like chatting to not just one friend, but a whole bunch of them, each with another good idea!
The book does what it promises on the cover : it collects together in short, easy to read chapters things that the writer has found work in helping her through her day to day as well as darker times, and in simply planning the next stage of her journey. It reflects her efforts to live a happy life as well as explore the meaning of life.
Within that theme, the subject matter is quite far ranging (there are over fifty chapters, each on a different topic). There is advice on meditation and the benefits of gratitude and forgiveness, to gaining clarity on just what it is you want, and reviewing your relationship with money as well as with those with whom you share your life.
Maybe because this is written from the writer’s own experiences, rather than as just another self help book, what is shared communicates as sincere, accessible and feasible, whereas often self help books can leave the reader feeling somewhat daunted at the size of the task! Plus does it make a difference that the writer is a Brit, amongst the sea of Americans in this area? 
Having read it once, cover to cover, it is not a book I expect to read cover to cover again. However, it is good to dip into and, as I have found, can inspire in moments where inspiration is much needed! This is where I first stumbled across EFT and, whilst the chapters are relatively short, there is enough in each chapter to point you in the right direction if the subject matter engages you. 
I was first attracted to this book by the size and cover. It is quite a beautiful little book, a chunky hardback with a simple, attractive cover, and it has a nice weight and feel when you pick it up. It is the sort of book that would make a great gift for a female friend (men might find useful a lot of the content as well, but it reads very much as a book written by a woman for women, whether that was intended or not).
I have also read Everything I’ve Ever Learned About Love (al) by Lesley Garner. This follows the same format and same style of small, chunky hardback. Maybe I will come back to It in more detail another time. Of the two, I found Everything I’ve Ever Done That Workeda more interesting read, perhaps simply because of the much wider ranging subject matter.
Truth Vs Falsehood: How to Tell the Difference (al), David R. Hawkins

Truth v FalsehoodThis is the second in a trilogy by David Hawkins.  I have written more fully about it in “One in 10 Million“, and maybe will come back and add more here from time to time, as it is one of those books I tend to go back to regularly.   

The more widely referred to publication by David Hawkins is “Power Vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour” (AL) (on which I will write a fuller review as soon as time allows!). He wrote that before “Truth v Falsehood”  and, again, is a very interesting read, but I think the reason it is better known and more widely read is because Wayne Dyer has been literally handing it out himself. He apparently persuaded David Hawkins to have Hay House publish it, rather than to self publish as he usually does.    

I would say read both books, as well as the third, “The Eye of the I” (AL) . Definitely leave the latter until the last, as it is the most challenging of the three! However, I have to say for me, it speaks many truths about the ego and is another of those books I pick up from time to time to find my attention falls on something very pertinent to my life at the time I am reading it.    

David Hawkins style is not the easiest to read, but it is worth the effort, not least because then you will better understand when Wayne Dyers and others allude to it!    

The Journey for Kids: Liberating Your Child’s Shining Potential(AL), by Brandon Bays 

Junior Journey Book CoverIf you are a parent or work with children and have not read this book, you really, really should!  
And please be clear I say that as someone who is not in any way whatsoever connected with Brandon Bays/The Journey, other than through my own experiences, as shared elsewhere in this blog (The Sky Blue Paperback, The Journey, Brandon Bays and The Journey for Kids). 
 I just don’t see how anyone with a direct responsibility towards children can discount something this effective without due consideration. I find myself wondering, how is it that the education system in South Africa is embracing this work (as a result of seeing its simplicity, accessibility and effectiveness), yet in the so called more developed nation in which we live, our minds are still too closed? Or maybe things haven’t got quite bad enough yet!
The first step in transforming the life of a child could be the cost of a pizza – and all in the safe knowledge that you are supporting good health rather than obesity!
Ok, off hobby horse now to go read another book! 🙂
The Journey: An Extraordinary Guide for Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free (AL), Brandon Bays    

Junior Journey Book ImageI have mentioned this book in posts including The Sky Blue Paperback and The Journey, Brandon Bays, so am not going to comment further here, other than to say, hang up your Inner Cynic long enough to read this! It is a very easy read and, like me, you may just find it opens your mind to new possibilities about how the body heals.    

Amazon is still selling the 1999 edition (which is the one I read), so I guess it has not been updated since then, although a number of other “products” have been deveoped subsequently.    

There is an audio CD set of  The Journey (AF), but this is not just someone (Brandon) reading the book (which is what many audio versions of books by the same name tend to be). The CD presupposes you have read the book, and is a guide through the processes.    

Having read the book, I found the CDs helpful. It is like having Brandon at hand, with her soothing voice, guiding you through the stickier patches! However, I still found it easier to do the processes with a partner, than just reading the book and using the additional guidance.    

As with so many books and audios, they are good products but, at the end of the day, whether you derive any benefit will depend on the work you do. Read the book and never do the processes, and all you are doing is gathering more clutter. Read the book, use the CD, do lots of the Journey processes, and you may well have some amazing breakthroughs, like many before you! 

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