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Energy Medicine

Energy medicine has influenced my perspective of my health and way of being more profoundly than any other single thing.
The term “energy medicine” describes a very wide range of philosophies and practices. At one extreme there is what is known as “veritable energy medicine” (such as light therapy and magnet therapy) and, at the other, areas which involve putative energy fields, such as acupuncture, reiki and qi gong. My interest is in the whole range, and I am learning new things pretty much every day, to my great excitement!
When I first really engaged with the possibility that everything is energy (you, me, this computer, even my thoughts) I was blown away! I had studied physics at school, but long before the day you could easily pick up a paperback about quantum physics in the “popular science” section of the local bookstore. As I began to get my head around the implications of this enormity, it deeply influenced my views on what works and why, not just on terms of health, but more widely in the way that we are as humans, in our interactions and apparent successes and failures.
I had learned at school that my desk was made of a very low frequency energy (and so manifested as a solid, apparently static, table), but never really grasped the real meaning and consequences of me and my thoughts being energy! I learned that Einstein said E = MC² (energy equals mass times the speed of light), but did not really understand that means that energy and mass are interchangeable, and so energy might as much be invisible radio waves, a rock in the garden or my thoughts!
I love that energy medicine works with the body on many different levels. It recognises that we are more complex than just one physical body : we have an emotional body, an etheric body, an astral body and a mental body as well. To enjoy well being, all these elements must be balanced, and that is what different types of energy medicine seek to do each in their own way, some with physical intervention, some working at a psychological or emotional level.
Much of what I write about here is my direct experience as I learn and apply what I learn in this whole area. It actually goes a long way beyond just energy medicine, because once you ascribe to the belief that “everything is energy”, that influences more than just matters of health. It means everything you do is in some way related to your own energy – the vibration you are emitting and the consequences of that vibration. It is a whole new way of accepting personal responsibility and, the most empowering thing is, once you accept this (“it’s all down to me, my energy vibration”), that means you can do something about it! You can raise your vibration and propel yourself to a different place or way of being if you don’t like where/how you are right now!
So next time I complain about something being not quite how I would like it, just ask me how my vibration is, so I can check and see just where it is I need to correct my thinking to be in the place, energetically, I need to be so that I may be where I would rather be!

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