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EMFs in my Office

February 6, 2010
Peace Lily

Peace lily absorbs harmful EMF

 In my office there is a high level of EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies), emitted by electrical equipment (computer, photocopier), as well as junction boxes mounted on the wall for the telephone and security systems.      

In a nutshell, the issue is that the EMFs to which are bodies are now exposed in increasingly high levels in our high tech world risk interfering with our own electrical circuits. We are bombarded in all directions, from mobile phones and computers which we now treat as indispensible, to microwave ovens, telephone masts and even the electrical wiring in our homes, to which we don’t give a second thought.
If you are unaware of the implications of EMFs to good health, one of the best places to educate yourself is Dr Mercola’s website.
Dr Mercola is one of My Heroes – not just because of his views on EMFs but his incredible, information-packed website! He has long been advocating creating an environment at work and home which limits EMF exposure. He goes so far as to say that, one day, EMFs will be in the same category as asbestos and, if you are trying to sell a property with high levels of EMF, your sale price will be hugely impacted. 
In the meantime, whilst scientists are still arguing between themselves about the risks (or not) of EMFs, the body of evidence (no pun intended!) pointing to EMFs being the cause of not just headaches but heart complaints, cancer and a whole range of health problems continues to grow. Me, I am not waiting for someone to contrive and complete experiments that they, in their restricted outlook and opinion finally decide are conclusive. Read more…

Quantum Techniques : How the Truth Really Does Heal

February 5, 2010

If you had said to me at the start of the millennium that ten years later I would be relieving my headaches and blocked sinuses by reading codes written on a piece of paper, I would have thought maybe you have been hanging out too much with Mr Spock and/or been sniffing a marker pen! 

As it is, a few days ago I enjoyed relief for the first time in days from a persistent headache doing just that. None of my usual remedies helped, not even EFT or extra strong painkillers. Yet, reading a series of codes brought me immediate peace from pain that had been depleting me and hugely compromising my ability to function for days. Not only did my headache clear, but I felt a clarity and stillness that I had not felt in quite a while, even with meditation.
The magic of which I speak is Quantum Techniques (“QT”). This is not to be confused with Quantum Touch, another form of energy healing which is much more widely known and used (at least for now!).
QT is one of those discoveries that is making me jump up and down and want to share with everyone, it is so amazing! In fact, I can feel a rant coming on about how any therapist or healer (naturopathic or allopathic) can possibly say they are doing everything they can for their patient/client unless they take account of this work, but I will save that for a bit later…..maybe for the rant about the practitioners who are using some of these techniques but without ever disclosing what they actually are doing that makes their treatments effective!

Read more…

Try this at Home!

February 5, 2010
So you don’t believe muscle testing works? You think this is more hippy self help nonsense, and how can it possibly be true that if you tell a lie your body will literally weaken! You think you can maintain eye contact, not blink at the wrong moment, manipulate your body language and tell a big fat lie without being detected?
Well, try this, and you may then be prepared to consider a whole different set of possibilities!
First, find an assistant/partner. No technical knowledge required, just two arms and a willingness to participate! Everyone has an electrical circuit (energy field), so you now have all the equipment you need for this test!

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The Journey for Kids

February 4, 2010
Junior Journey Book Cover

The Journey for Kids


 I had intended to write about something completely different today, but was reminded by a rather rumbustious toddler whose antics made me smile this morning how receptive children are to new ideas (and don’t the advertising moguls just know it, but that is a whole new blog!).    

Thinking about the modalities that I have found most helpful in my adult years, I realised that those I rate most highly are simple enough to be used very effectively by children – EFT being top of the list and Brandon Bays Journey work figuring high as well.    

Catch them young enough before we have had time to completely bury their creativeness, natural understanding and essence, and you can equip them so much better for Life. Read more…

The Journey, Brandon Bays

February 3, 2010

What is it? 

“The Journey” derives from Brandon Bay’s experience of healing herself from a cancer tumour. She was a trainer for Antony Robbins yet, despite all the work with which she was involved, she developed a basket ball sized tumour in her stomach. She dissolved the tumour in just over six weeks, without surgical intervention. 

Her regime included supporting herself with the best nutrition and body work (massages) but, at the core, she followed a process where she went deep into herself to face the cause of the dis-ease in her body that manifested the cancer. 

I have written about how I came across this work in “The Sky Blue Paperback“. Here’s Brandon giving her own introduction to the Journey : 

Now, Brandon and her team teach The Journey process across the globe, and have even taken it into challenged communities to work with entire groups of people. 

Read more…

The Sky Blue Paperback

February 2, 2010
The Journey Book Image

The Sky Blue Paperback


Whilst my awareness of the impact of the right nutrition began at university in an attempt to alleviate headaches following a head injury (it was not until much later that I learned that post traumatic symptoms like headaches may continue for an extended period), my real adventure into discovering more about how the body heals itself did not start until much later.   

 To a large extent it started because I wanted to understand why I had put on weight during my marriage. Read more…

Adorr Life

February 1, 2010

Why do so many of us find it so much harder to express what brings us joy, makes us truly happy, our heart sing, than to share with whoever happens to be present just what is wrong with the weather, the traffic, that woman in the shop, the man in the queue, all teenagers, tinsel, banks, anything finance related and well, really, whatever we feel fed up about. Until the next opportunity for complaint presents itself.

When was the last time you told someone, anyone, what quickens your pulse, makes your juices run and a smile rise from a warm glow deep inside you? When was the last time you closed your eyes (when you were cold stone sober and/or not totally exhausted), took a deep breath, sank back into the comfort of your body as well as your seat and allowed yourself to indulge, for just a moment, in the thought of what it is, who it is, you adore the most? No expectations, no guilt, no pressure.

If someone asked you right now what makes you happy, what is it you adore, are you able to tell them, without hesitation?

Given the opportunity and the prompt, will strangers share who and/or what it is they adore? Read more…